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Akai Katsu Ramen


Soy & red pepper miso infused with our chicken & duck broth and red pepper flakes.
- Spice Level 辛  
- Curly Ramen Noodle
- Katsu Chicken Tenders
- Scallions
- Red Onions
- Onsen Tamago (Japanese custard egg)
- Fried Shallots
Suggested pairings & add ons:
- Saison Du Beer (Yuzu Sour Ale)
- White Ale Beer (Japanese White Ale brewed with orange & spices)
- Spicy Beef
- Pork Belly Chashu
- Shishito Peppers

More toppings:Extra pork belly +$3.99Extra Japanese sausage +$3.09Extra Beef Brisket +$3.99Extra Katsu chicken tender +$3.09Extra egg (onsen tamago) +$1.29Extra noodles +$3.09Extra Spicy Beef +$3.50Extra broth +$3.09Extra shishito pepper +$1.59Extra cabbage +$1.09Extra FRIED onion +$0.79Extra red onion +$0.59Extra scallions +$0.59Extra fresh garlic +$0.79Extra Ito +$0.59Extra sesame seeds +$0.59No Gochi Togo Kakuni +$3.99Beef Belly +$3.99
Special requests:Togo NOAA No red onion No scallions No fried onion No egg Curly Noodles Straight Noodles LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 Not Spicy if possible No sesame seeds No ground beef No Katsu chicken No mayo No garlic No pork belly No Gochi No Cabbage No noodles No sausage No peppers Extra sauce +$0.79
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