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Spicy Tonk Ramen (辛い豚骨ラーメン)


Extra spicy, creamy pork bone tonkotsu broth made with pork bones & chicken. 

- Spice Level 辛 辛 辛 (most spicy)
- Straight Noodle
- Pork Shoulder Chashu
- Pork Belly Chashu
- Scallions
- Red Onions
- Onsen Tamago (Japanese Custard Egg)
- Seame Seeds

Suggested pairings & add ons:
- Anbai Ale Beer ("Gose" Salty-Sour Ale with 
Japanese Plums) 
- Marihana Beer Sessions IPA (Green)
- Katsu Chicken Tender
- Japanese Sausage
- Shishito Peppers

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