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Karai Ramen Bistro

Ebi Katsu Miso Ramen


Seared aka miso & brown sugar broth made with duck & chicken stock

- Spice Level None
- Curly Ramen Noodle
- Katsu Fried Shrimp
- Sliced Cabbage
- Green Onions
- Red Onions
- Onsen Tamago (Japanese Custard Egg)

Suggested Pairings & Add Ons:
- Dai Dai IPA Beer (Brewed with Orange)
- White Ale Beer (Japanese White Ale Brewed with 
Orange & Spices)
- Katsu Chicken Tender
- Spicy Beef

More Toppings:Extra Kakuni Pork Belly +$3.99Extra Beef Belly +$3.99Extra Chashu Pork Belly +$3.50Extra Spicy Beef +$2.99Extra Japanese sausage +$2.99Extra Katsu chicken tender +$2.99Extra Noodles +$3.50More Broth +$3.09Extra Egg Onsen Tamago +$1.29Extra Sliced Cabbage +$1.09Extra FRIED onion +$0.79Extra Fresh Garlic +$0.79Extra Green Onion +$0.59Extra Red Onion +$0.59Extra Ito Pepper Threads +$0.59Extra sesame seeds +$0.59No Gochugaru Togo
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